pandemic, but still some participation took place in galleries and off-gallery spaces. Versicherungsmakler Admir Halilovic. Add private notes. The viewer becomes a sort of psychoanalyst (sometimes, even more, a ‘concerned’ or ‘empathic’ voyeur) who looks for clues of the artist’s CV in the work rather than looking at the work. When you are better equipped or in better shape, you will come back and attack the next peak on the way. I was born in 1960 behind the Iron Curtain in Eastern Germany. I am a male artist working with female nude models, I have to be aware of such questions. The channels were simply more sophisticated, and any such art book was held in high esteem. Gallery ORT, Birmingham (UK), 2012 Joshua LaRock and Nick Alm, just to name two. Vitalhotel Strobl Ollersdorf. How do I overcome it? Of course, nothing is said that these policies represent the thinking of most of the users but rather the imposed belief system of the very few holding the handle on these tools. Cultural Centre, Minden (DE), 2014, Between 2014 and 2019 I traveled the world and showed less. I didn’t go to art school but continued to work on my art, in particular printmaking and later collages and works on paper. Everything from my background and upbringing to questions about nudity in figurative art and the male gaze. It’s a pursuit of truth and beauty. Bernd: That’s another question I am thinking about a lot in my work. I didn’t do any art, apart from a kind of travel diary and a few small colleges. In 1891 there were 7 Reichart families living in Anglesey. At that time, prints were not considered proper original artwork, so I focused on “original” collages on paper and artist books. On the other hand, obtaining an academic degree as a trained artist was far less important than today, many artists came through other routes, illustration, applied art, or simple crafts. While I would acknowledge that that time was far from exercising gender equality to the full, there was a societal understanding of gender equality and the need to fight gender discrimination should it manifested itself too blatantly. “And God Created Woman”, Chopperchunky Gallery, London (UK) – virtual, November 2020, Group exhibitions 2020 Chief Executive Officer, Mediengruppe RTL Germany -. We gave raising the kids and provide them with a decent childhood priority over any other ambition or passion. Please use our Premium/VIP service to join colleagues of Bernd Reichart listed below. Bernd: I would opt for “different”. Schäferkordt commented: “After more than 27 years with RTL, leaving the company is not an easy step. You can only try to fight it again and again, mostly in tiny unnoticeable actions, which over time bring the Wall down and the powers to be to collapse. What kind of miserable and misogynist upbringing must somebody have had to think that way? Create an alert He began his career in the sports marketing sector with UFA Sports in Hamburg immediately after finishing university. But painting the human body all of his life. I don’t like very much such comparisons (all comparison is flawed), but it suggests itself: when you grow up under a totalitarian system, you understand that you cannot argue with those holding the power of the belief system. Update the org chart details of Bernd Reichart. Until then most of our life will be remote, I guess. I see painting like climbing an 8000er mountains. (Angelus Silesius, 1687). to follow the career of Bernd Reichart. We were at a boarding school and a few friends created a group to read and discuss poetry and literature and to listen to classical music and Jazz. He is a contemporary of the AbEx painters and even shared a room for a while with Andy Warhol. Hotel Resort. Electronics. I want my artwork to talk rather than my life story. In 2004, he moved to RTL Group’s shareholding in Spain, Antena 3, as Head of Investor Relations. I only provide the viewer with a visual impression, an abstract representation if you so want, which shall evoke something in the viewer, who creates a private narrative from it. Bernd: I was born on a rainy day behind the Iron Curtain in East Germany in 1960, the year the Russian Pact created a wall dividing Berlin and cut off its vassal countries from the Western hemisphere. 123 Art Magazine has been running an interview with me a few days ago. Gallery Meno, Cultural Centre Jonava (LT), 2005 Autodidact as an artist, but educated in various forms of printmaking (etching, relief prints, serigraphy) in Ireland (Francis Van Maele, Redfox Press, Achill Island) and Germany (Eva Pietzcker, Druckstelle Berlin, I try my best to make good art, to celebrate the human figure, and put beauty into our world. It became clear that I wanted to paint, figuratively. extensively. “20×20 art on paper”, Christine X Gallery, Sliema (Malta) Member Show, ORT Gallery, Birmingham (UK) – virtual Sewing & Alterations. Although I think that in the 21st-century art should be separated from belief systems and religions. They tell stories, but it is the viewer who needs to decipher them setting them in context with her own inner world. Interview with Visual Artist Thomas Vallianatos, Meet Katya Scheglova – Contemporary figurative artist from Moscow, Meet Henry M. Soto – Digital Graphic Artist based in NY, Interview with self-taught painter Utaellamarie Peter, Meet Colombia based artist Vladimir Tajč (Taich), Interview with Dojoong Jo – the artist of soil. Required fields are marked *. View the profiles of people named Bernd Reichert. Old Dominion University freshman forward Marie Reichert is greeted by her parents, Dagmar and Bernd Reichert, following the Monarchs' game against … Contact the executives through our email platform. John was born on January 19 1887, in Clifton, Washington, Kansas, United States. Bernard Reichart Bernard Reichart … “Drawing from Life”, Chopperchunky Gallery, London (UK) – virtual. “Inner World”, Boomer Gallery, London (UK) In 2003 he opened a branch in Madrid for the sports rights agency Sportfive, where he worked as Marketing Manager. Texts, the language in general, have a quite different impact on us when we cannot decipher it. I use exclusively acrylic paint but I also use a retarder and a stay-wet palette, which mimics to quit some extend the behavior of oil paint. Weingut Reichardt in Donnerskirchen 4-köpfiges Familienweingut 16 ha seit dem 16. Before use, the canvas is tinted with some color, mostly burnt umber or a neutral grey. No artist would get rich, but nobody allowed into the association would starve, it provided some kind of small universal income. She has to view rather than to read and follow her own narrative evoked by the visual image. Aséanie : Sciences humaines en Asie du Sud-Est, 31:165-168. So, I opted for natural science studies instead, in particular chemistry, which helped me a lot to manipulate matter during my printmaking attempts. I want to apply these thoughts also to my current figurative paintings. I grew up in a time and place when the naked female body was perceived as unfolding its original charm and thus radiating an unconstrained self-confidence. Images of any kind, other artwork, photos I took, etc. In this context, I think it necessary to note that for the painter there is more at stake. Bernd Reichert नाम के लोगों की प्रोफ़ाइल देखें. … And I still hope that I will have the chance to meet and learn from them. It was paintings by Bouguereau, Sargent Singer or J.W. From Greek gods to feminist protest, I could go on arguing that the naked human body is the most beautiful, yet vulnerable, thing we have. To use a quote by singer-songwriter Philip David Ochs: “In such ugly times, the only true protest is beauty”. I grew up in a time and place when the naked female body was perceived as unfolding its original charm and thus radiating an unconstrained self-confidence. Wishlist To Cart Details. I don’t do preparatory sketches or color studies, the image is developed directly on the canvas. View Bernd Reichart’s professional profile on Relationship Science, the database of decision makers. Bernd Reichart, currently Managing Director of Vox, will become the new CEO of Mediengruppe RTL Deutschland. Gerhart Johann Robert Hauptmann (German: [ˈɡeːɐ̯.haʁt ˈhaʊ̯ptˌman] (); 15 November 1862 – 6 June 1946) was a German dramatist and novelist. Share photos, videos and more at I often browse through them and sometimes rearrange them into a more specific folder, e.g. Now I am living on the surreal shores of Belgium. There are 7 professionals named "Bernd Reichardt", who use LinkedIn to exchange information, ideas, and opportunities. cancel. Select key words to follow your clients. at. The bodies are not idealized, I want to paint the situation ‘as it is’. In our search for novelty in making artwork, we often lose touch with beauty, sensitivity, and harmony. Bernhard Reichert. There are 20+ professionals named Bernd Reichert, who use LinkedIn to exchange information, ideas, and opportunities. Waterhouse from the mid-19th century which urged me into painting. Bernd: That’s a difficult question in the sense that I cannot understand why somebody says it. I was far too much influenced by some surrealist art I had seen (e.g. Bernd: The rose is without ‘why’; it blooms simply because it blooms. If the painting finds a collector, it is sealed with a high gloss varnish, otherwise, I would leave it open allowing me to come back to it at a later stage. Receive alerts when executive movements happen. Modern(ist) art was declared decadent and unfit for the new socialist men, which means books and other material about such art were difficult to get. At least one became a poet, another one a writer and theater director, and a third one an acclaimed architect. In 2003 he opened a branch in Madrid for the sports rights agency Sportfive, where he worked as Marketing Manager. Elektro Radio Reichart. UFC Markt Allhau. If it is a new model I would dedicate one session to general life drawing to get an understanding of the person in front of me. Sep 26, 2019 - I took (and deleted) loads of shots at the flying display at the Gauntlet Bird of Prey Centre - but this is the only one that is half-way decent - and this is well cropped and almost few out of frame! Bernard had 6 siblings: Henny REICHART, Willem REICHART and 4 other siblings. 148 were here. Wiesbaden: Reichert Verlag, 342-359. Ochs). Many painters throughout the centuries said that it is a task that cannot be completely achieved. I have a general idea, like the seated nude. View the profiles of professionals named "Bernd Reichardt" on LinkedIn. To learn more about Bernd and his art, please check: Your email address will not be published. Bernd Reichert "I have always been interested in surrealist art and magic realism. And, of course, hoping the viewer will not see all the flaws I see in that painting (or graciously ignoring them). Bernd Reichart is Chief Executive Officer at Mediengruppe RTL Deutschland GmbH. Gallery 89, London (UK), 2010 After three unsuccessful trials, for your security. At least is the origin many texts seem to refer to. Sports Club. In 1982 I met my wife and we decided to create a family. Join Facebook to connect with Bernd Reicher and others you may know. Meet German artist Bernd Reichert. The interview can be found here . 100%. I am very suspicious about art which wants to be more than art. Bernd Reichert और अपने अन्य परिचितों से जुड़ने के लिए Facebook में शामिल करें. Given our very strong management team and the clear strategic direction we have jointly … Overall Quality Based on 5 ratings. Bernard passed away. Bernd: Representing the human body is always a challenge. Early Origins of the Reichart family Sports Team. File your clients in folders. Review of: Jessica Harriden, The Authority of influence: Women and power in Burmese history. Trying again and knowing to fail, but trying again. The most Reichart families were found in the USA in 1880. Download our data in Excel on your PC. The Reichart family name was found in the USA, the UK, Canada, and Scotland between 1840 and 1920. After the initial charcoal drawing on the tinted canvas, I apply an underpaint, burnt umber, or Terra Verra. The viewer shall appreciate the sheer physical presence of the painting. Drawings in the style of André Masson and Yves Tanguy. Bernd Reichart, Chief Executive Officer at Mediengruppe RTL Deutschland GmbH - Relationship Science A sentiment certainly also triggered by the strong politicization or AgitProp of art during my youth. Kunstwerkstatt, Magdeburg (DE), 2010 and 2013 I was particularly touched by Henry Ossawa Tanner’s Annunciation. The result is that we see a lot of bad, or at least badly executed artwork, but where the artist’s story is an interesting one. View the profiles of professionals named Bernd Reichert on LinkedIn. In 1911 there were 7 Reichart families living in Manitoba. In the Media industry, Bernd Reichart has 12,915 colleagues in 1,027 companies located in 58 countries. To me, it is just a manifestation of fear to lose the power of oppression and exploitation. If it wasn't for you, I'd never have … Here are a few tips for establishing great contacts. After producing for many years limited edition prints, collages, and artist books, I stopped for a few years my art production and traveled the world Extend your search. For the viewer or collector, it is different though. Somebody who knew everything about modernism but remained faithful to his one interest, the nude human figure. For each of our 953,647 listed executives. In 2020 we have seen the shift from the physical to virtual space due to the Covid-19 The spelling variations of the name Reichartz include Reichhard, Reichhart, Reichard, Reichart, Reichardt, Reickhard, Reichheart, Reikhard, Reickhart, Richard, Reichert and many more. Bernd Reichert. Two of my artist friends committed suicide, another died of a stroke in his early 50s and my wife became very ill. The visual appearance of the text is what creates a specific impact in the viewer’s mind. The painting is the camp you erect at that position. Bernd: This comment has two distinct origins. Learn more about Media. But don’t blame the painter for your emotions or actions. Poses shall be natural, not stylized. This was about 39% of all the recorded Reichart's in Canada. An art that is oscillating between trash art, which plays an adolescent, poorly staged revolt for an extremely rich and bored clientele and hardware store art that is completely overloaded with meaning and shallow concepts. The figurative aspect is important there. Commercial galleries did not exist, all galleries were State-owned and linked to the artist association. Home; Biography; Artwork; News; Contact; Books; Blog. Bernd Reichart was delighted and thanked not only the jury, but also Horizont's editorial team, the publishing company DFV Verlag and above all his colleagues at Vox and Mediengruppe RTL Deutschland, saying: "The remarkable development of Vox in recent years is primarily due to our team's boundless enjoyment at making imaginative television programmes. Secondly, my artwork before 2013 was often text-based. He is counted among the most important promoters of literary naturalism, though he integrated other styles into his work as well.He received the Nobel Prize in Literature in 1912. 11/11/2020 1:17:19 PM; Comment on this; Figure study after Euan Uglow. The exact pose is discussed and agreed with the model. Musée de l’Art Spontané, Brussels (BE), 2008 at. Login Sign Up. Reichart is a name for a brave or strong person. when looking for inspiration to paint a model seated in a Rococo chair. Künstlerhaus Betanien, Berlin, and Ulrich Grimm, Magdeburg). But knowing that I paint at a slow pace and hoping that there will be some “normal” next year, I have started two larger pieces (“larger” for my standards: 50×50 inches) which shall be the centerpieces of an art fair in Amsterdam in summer 2021. There is so much detail, shape, and colors to observe, digest, and turn into a painterly representation. Unisex Coat of Arms Hooded Sweatshirt $42.45. Jhdt 4.8 / 5. The Reichart family name was found in the USA, the UK, Canada, and Scotland between 1840 and 1920. Causes change in a blink of an eye, and what seemed right is wrong just now. Search 200 million profiles and discover new ancestors. Automotive Repair Shop. In 2014 I had what I call my artistic burnout. And I think my picture wants to show this feeling to a world which is greatly torn by inequalities, foremost of gender, on the one hand, side and an ultraconservative neo-puritanism, on the other. Still, the enigma remains. McCormick, Patrick (2014). Your email address will not be published. Do you need to know more about Bernd Reichart? Mattie was born on March 30 1889, in Hutchinson, Kansas. Lexikon der indogermanischen Partikeln. Learn about your clients' org charts. Maybe it was to compensate for a very restrictive and politicized education, maybe it was just adolescence. The most Reichart families were found in the USA in 1880. Without a good, compelling story you will not be accepted as a good artist. Report an error I believe in the singular image and that painting lives in the emotional power to portray the sense of being alive. Theatrical Productions. I was the only one exercising visual art. “Between Surrealism & Magic Realism”, Beam Collective Tel Aviv – virtual Interview by 123 Art Magazine. The goal was to enter the Artist Association, which was dominated by the party, but depending on the local situation of the respective branch would allow for some artistic freedom. “The Quarantine Art Exhibition”, London (UK) – virtual In 1840 there were 9 Reichart families living in Pennsylvania. Das Nomen im Indogermanischen. Also, when the model works for the painter and is enumerated for this, the two enter into an economic relationship, which is by its very nature asymmetric. But it was not the meaning of the text which was the art but its visual arrangements. We have had all the modernist influences in painting, a different way of seeing than it was the case before the 20th century; and the human figure is the most sophisticated subject to paint when it comes to colors and their relations, light, and shadows as well as plains and forms. Comes 1989, the downfall of the Berlin Wall, and our move to Belgium in 1992. My paintings explore poses, constellations, movements of the female form. Bernd served as Managing Director, Multichannel with the commercial TV broadcaster Antena 3, and Chief Executive Officer, Vox for Bertelsmann. At Mediengruppe RTL, Bernd Reichart has 5 colleagues who can be contacted including Henning Tewes (Programme), Jan Wachtel (Digital Content)…, At RTL Group, Bernd Reichart has 7 colleagues who can be contacted including Thomas Rabe (CEO), Martin Taylor (Chairman of the Board)…. I was born in 1960 behind the Iron Curtain in Eastern Germany. The most Reichart families were found in the USA in 1880. Bernd: I keep a kind of mood or idea “book” all the time. And then there are a number of living painters, I admire for their great skills. The concept of the objectification of the female body and the “male gaze” goes probably back to a TV feature from 1972 by John Berger “Ways of Seeing”. The Reichart family name was found in the USA, the UK, Canada, and Scotland between 1840 and 1920. Bernd Reichart studierte in Konstanz, Salamanca (Spanien) und an der University of North Carolina Sportwissenschaft und Englisch. Bernd Reichart, born in 1974, began his career in the sports marketing sector with UFA Sports in Hamburg immediately after finishing university. Bernd Reichart serves as Chief Executive Officer of Mediengruppe RTL Deutschland of the Company. Bernd served as Managing Director, Multichannel with the commercial TV broadcaster Antena 3, and Chief Executive Officer, Vox for Bertelsmann. I try to give the women in my pictures personality to the extent of my abilities. Gallery Kaire-Desine, Vilnius (LT), 2005 This was about 64% of all the recorded Reichart's in the UK. After a while, you can’t go further, lack of experience, stamina, and endurance. Pennsylvania had the highest population of Reichart families in 1840. Bernd Reichert DCLINED,MD,MRCPH Attending Physician. There were very few places to study art and the art you would be expected to produce should celebrate the state, the party, and the working classes, the so-called “socialist realism”. It is a common name among the English, French, and Flemish/Dutch communities, as well as the German, and stems from the words ric, meaning power, and hard, meaning hardy or strong. My paintings should not be perceived as looking backward in art history but incorporating contemporary ideas and concepts while searching for the beauty around us. Consultant Neonatologist; 03/2008 to 05/2015: University Hospital of North Tees. It’s a couple of folders on my computer and printed images all over the studio. Create your family tree and invite relatives to share. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Bernard had 6 siblings: Elmer Reichert, Helen Reichert and 4 other siblings. View the executives' biographies. Berger identifies a number of situations where he sees the male gaze exploiting the depicted female body thus objectifying it. This was very much prolongation of artistic thinking during the 1930’s throughout Europe (from Stalinist Russia over France to Fascist Italy and Germany) but also by the regionalist painters in the US, like Grant Wood. Some solo exhibitions: View the profiles of people named Bernd Reicher. Jump To Ratings. It pays no attention to itself, nor does it ask whether anyone sees it. SV Marsch Neuberg. Bernd: Somebody I admire and has studied quite a lot recently in Philip Pearlstein. Kfz-Gruszo. Hausgemacht. Neonatology; About Bernd Attending Physician, Neonatology. It is a dance between having too little detail in the painting, adding more, creating a mess due to too much detail, simplifying, and starting the next dance round.

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